About the Kea Coloring Book

Created with Love

My daughter has always loved drawing, coloring-in and art in general. In 2002, when she was just two-and-a-half, I thought that having a coloring game would be a great introduction to computers, and started to look for one on-line.

I downloaded everything I could find, but I was disappointed. Even the best of them was very limited. A handful of very simplistic coloring pages and no option to add others.

In exasperation, I said to myself, "Ugh, I could write something better than this!"

So I did.

A More Creative Approach

I created a game that did everything the others did and more. I created a game that allowed parents, carers and kids to draw their own coloring pages or use clipart. Then I put it out into the world. It quickly became the #1 kids' game on the world’s largest download site.

Updating Versions

Over the years I made improvements and tried to keep up with the changes in technology, with better versions each time.

Then I hit a snag!

A few years ago, the software I had used to develop the original coloring book was no longer available to me. The coloring book still seemed pretty good, but I couldn’t make changes any more! It was going to take a lot of work to switch to a whole new set of tools and start over.

An Email from a Teacher

Over the years I’ve received many emails from parents, teachers, carers, and kids, thanking me for the coloring book. Those emails are a big part of what’s kept it going so long!

Near the end of 2020 I got an email from a teacher. She’s been using the Kea Coloring Book in her classroom for years. She had some suggestions that would help make it easier for her students. I was sad to have to tell her that I was no longer making changes.

I Hate Saying "No"

It bugged me that I couldn’t make the changes she wanted. They weren’t complicated things, but the only way I could make improvements was to start from scratch. It would be a huge job, but I just hate saying "No".

Starting over

To make a new version I would have to learn a whole new set of tools, a new programming language, and then create the coloring book all over again! It was a lot of time and commitment, and I had plenty of other paid work I should be doing.

I started chipping away at the task. I took some time to set up the new tools. I had to start with simple experiments to make sure I could do all the things needed for a coloring book (It’s more complicated than you may realise!)

Eventually, things started to take shape. I laid aside other work and focused on getting it done.

A Good Result

There were some big challenges, but I’m proud of the end product. It retains much of the charm and fun of the original, but packs in some really cool new features too.


I hope you and yours enjoy this coloring book. If you do, please consider purchasing some of the premium coloring books. They are really beautiful and fun to color in.

Best wishes,


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