Kea Coloring Book (for Windows)

- All of the Fun: None of the Mess

The Kea Coloring Book is a fun coloring book game that lets kids color in all sorts of great coloring pages. You can even add your own coloring pages. Get started today with our FREE DOWNLOAD.

Painting tools

You can paint using a bucket fill, freehand brush, or the special magic brush (which stays inside the lines).

Choosing and mixing colors

There are plenty of colors to choose from, a color adjuster, and special random color mode. Kids love using the mixing tray to mix their own colors - just like real paint!

Save and print

When you’ve completed your beautiful artwork the pictures can be saved or printed.

Free to use and ad-free

The Kea Coloring Book is 100% FREE, with no ads. Just 100% coloring fun!

This game comes preinstalled with a free coloring book and special tools to let you add your own coloring pages.

Premium coloring books

We’ve worked with artists to create some special premium coloring books. We’ve made these available to our premium members for a very small fee. Purchasing some of these gorgeous coloring books will help keep Kea Coloring Book free and available for everyone.

Create your own!

It’s fun creating custom coloring pages from your own artwork or from clipart. Get the kids involved in the creative process too!

Version 5 announced!

We’re very excited to bring you a totally new version of the game. It still has all the features you love, along with some fun new additions to make coloring more fun than ever.

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