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Australian flag
1. Australian flag
651 x 326
The Australia flag.
What consellation...
(Kea Software)
Belgian flag
2. Belgian flag
451 x 391
The flag of Belgium.
It has the unusual proport...
(Kea Software)
Brazilian flag
3. Brazilian flag
601 x 425
The flag of Brazil.
How many stars can you count?
(Kea Software)
Canadian flag
4. Canadian flag
651 x 326
The flag of Canada.
What sort of leaf is that?
(Kea Software)
Flag of Cuba
5. Flag of Cuba
699 x 488
The flag of Cuba.
This flag has the same sha...
(Kea Software)
Flag of India
6. Flag of India
600 x 400
The symbol in the centre is a
wheel with 24 spokes cal...
(Kea Software)
Flag of Puerto Rico
7. Flag of Puerto Rico
699 x 488
The flag of Puerto Rico.
This flag has the same sha...
(Kea Software)
Flag of Scotland
8. Flag of Scotland
700 x 476
832 A.D. Saint Andrew
appeared to King Angus of ...
(Kea Software)
French Flag
9. French Flag
601 x 401
The flag of France, "Le
drapeau tricolore", da...
(Kea Software)
Lion Rampant
10. Lion Rampant
694 x 414
The Lion Rampant is the flag
used historically by the K...
(Kea Software)
Malaysian Flag
11. Malaysian Flag
1493 x 745
Flag of Malaysia
(Kea Software)
Mexican flag
12. Mexican flag
662 x 441
The flag of Mexico.
(Kea Software)
New Zealand flag
13. New Zealand flag
651 x 326
The New Zealand flag.
What consellation...
(Kea Software)
Romanian Flag
14. Romanian Flag
601 x 401
The flag of Romania.
Blue : Yellow : Red
(Kea Software)
South African flag
15. South African flag
601 x 401
The flag of South Africa was
designed to symbolise uni...
(Kea Software)
South Korean flag
16. South Korean flag
601 x 401
The flag of South Korea,
(Kea Software)
Spanish flag
17. Spanish flag
601 x 425
The flag of Spain.
What animal appears on ...
(Kea Software)
UK flag
18. UK flag
651 x 326
The flag of the United
(Kea Software)
USA flag
19. USA flag
651 x 326
The flag of the United States
of America....
(Kea Software)

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