Mixing colors

csrdropperKids will love mixing colors with the eye-dropper tool.  You can suck up color from the paints (including the random paint), from other mixing pots, or even off the picture itself.

Each time you click on the same color with the eye-dropper it sucks up a bit more paint. The more times you click the more paint there will be, up to 5 clicks to fill the eye-dropper. When you squirt the paint into a mixing pot which already has paint in it the colors mix together.

If the dropper contains just one click of paint then it will only have a small effect. Three clicks mixes the colors evenly and 5 clicks has a large effect. Check out the examples below for more of an idea...

Adding black and white

Adding black darkens a color... Adding white lightens a color...
mxdblue + mixblack1 = mxdblue1black mxdblue + mixwhite1 = mxdblue1white
mxdblue + mixblack2 = mxdblue2black mxdblue + mixwhite2 = mxdblue2white
mxdblue + mixblack3 = mxdblue3black mxdblue + mixwhite3 = mxdblue3white
mxdblue + mixblack4 = mxdblue4black mxdblue + mixwhite4 = mxdblue4white
mxdblue + mixblack5 = mxdblue5black mxdblue + mixwhite5 = mxdblue5white

Mixing colors together

You can mix colors together in all sorts of ways.  Here are a few more examples...

mxdblue + mixred3 = mxdblue3red
mxdyellow + mixred3 = mxdyellow3red
mxdred + mixgreen3 = mxdred3green
mxdred + mixgreen3 + mixwhite4 = mxdred3green4white