Paint colors

The paint drawer contains lots and lots of paints for you to choose from.  And, at the top of the drawer is a very special paint - the random paint!

Random Paint!

Random Paint colorThe very first paint in the drawer is a special paint indeed.  It changes color EVERY TIME you use it.  Click on the paint with your brush or bucket and see what color you get!

Now use the paint on the page.  Each time you click a new area or start a new brush stroke the paint changes color again!  Kids love playing with the random paint.

You can even suck a random color into the eye-dropper!

Lots of colors

Paint colorAt the top of the drawer (after the random paint) is a set of basic colors for you to use - black, grey and white, followed by the colors of the rainbow, and then a few handy browns.  Scroll down further and you will find sets of similar colors - reds, oranges, yellows, greens and so on.

So many colors to choose from.

And if that's not enough - mix your own!

Eye-dropperYou can suck paint into the eye-dropper tool and then squirt it into a mixing pot.

Click once to suck up a little bit of color, twice for a little bit more, ... up to 5 times to fill the dropper with paint.

Just like with real paint, the more you add of one color the stronger the effect of that color will be.