Cursor / Mouse

The cursor is that little picture that moves around when you move the mouse.  It changes to help you know what you are doing.

Hand - choosing things, clicking buttons, ...

Hand pointerWhat a handy little cursor this is.  Great for clicking buttons and choosing a new tool to work with.

Click with the tip of the finger.


Brush - painting the picture

PaintbrushThere are lots of different sized brushes to choose from in the tool drawer, from ultra-fine to mega-fat.  Select a color from the paint drawer or from the mixing pots.

You can get really creative with the brush, splashing on the color and adding details, to turn a simple black and white drawing into a truly unique work of art.

Paint bucket - filling in areas of the picture

Paint-bucketThe paint bucket allows you too fill an area with color.  Select a color from the paint drawer or from the mixing pots.

Click with the bottom tip of the paint to fill in an area or when selecting a color.

Eye-dropper - mixing colors

Eye-dropperYou use the eye-dropper tool to suck up colors, and then squirt them into the mixing pots.

Wash tool - cleaning up

Wash toolTurn on the tap to wash an area of your colored picture clean.

You also use the tap to wash away paint from a mixing pot.