Undo and Redo

Oops!  We all make mistakes, and with old fashioned paints and crayons, mistakes can leave kids in tears.

Dry your eyes now, because if you make a booboo or two (or even ten) in the Kea Coloring Book, you can just click the undo button.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we change our mind.  You know, now that I think about it, I DID want the sky to be green.

Undid something, but want it back again?  No problem, just click the redo button.

Undo button

Undo buttonOh no!  I just made the sea go yellow!

We've all been there.  You're creating something beautiful and then accidentally splash some paint in the wrong place and you wonderful artwork is ruined.  Not any more.  With up to ten levels of undo, you can be have things looking right again with just a click (or two).

Redo button

Redo buttonOh wait.  This is a picture of the planet Nebulon, and I meant for the sea to be yellow.

Changed your mind.  It's okay, we forgive you.  Just click the redo button to redo the things you just undid.  It's kind of an all purpose undo the undo button, a reverse undo.

So if you did something you didn't mean to do and you undo it and realise you did mean to do it after all, and want to undo the undo - just click redo.  I'm glad we cleared that up!