Coloring books / Coloring pages

The coloring in pages are arranged together into coloring books.

We are still busily at work copying pictures over from the Windows version of Kea Coloring Book, and creating lots of new ones besides.

Select a coloring book

Select a coloring bookYou click the coloring book button to select a new coloring-in book.

When you click the button a window opens listing the available coloring in books.  Click on your choice and then click the [OK] button.

Select a coloring-in page

Select coloring pageThe coloring book will open to the first page.  If you want to select another page you flip through the pages by clicking on the previous page and next page buttons which appear at the top of the coloring in book.

At the moment the coloring book cannot remember the coloring in that you have done, so please if you want to keep your creating, remember to click the Save button, BEFORE you go to a new page!

Get coloring!

Now that you've chosen the picture you want it's time to splash on some color!

You can use the paint bucket or the paint brush to add sparkling color.  This is your chance to make a plain old black and white line drawing into a truly unique work of art.