Paint drawer

The paint drawer contains a set of paints which you can apply to your creation using the paint bucket or brush.  You can also suck up paints into the eye-dropper for mixing in the mixing pots.  There are lots of colors to choose from!

Fill your bucket with paint

csrbucketTo fill the bucket with paint just click the tip of the spilling paint onto the color of your choice.  You will see the color of the paint spilling from the bucket changes to the chosen color.

Now that the bucket is full you can tip the color out onto your picture.  It never runs out of color, and is guaranteed not to stain your clothes.

Dip your brush in the paint

csrbrushTo get paint onto your brush, just click the tip onto the color of your choice.  Look at that - the color on the paint brush changed to the new color.  Pretty cool.

Now take that color and get creative.  Paint lines, spots, and squiggles to make a special artistic creation all your own.

Once dipped in a color you can just paint and paint, and better yet you can use the same brush without even having to wash it!

Sucking paint into the eye-dropper

csrdropperYou can suck paint into the eye-dropper and then squirt it into a mixing pot.

Click once to suck up a little bit of color, twice for a little bit more, ... up to 5 times to fill the dropper with paint.

Just like with real paint, the more you add of one color the stronger the effect of that color will be.

Opening / closing the drawer

btnpaintsThe paint drawer can be closed by clicking it's button in the header.

When drawers are closed there is more space available for your coloring-in page.

To reopen the tool drawer just click its button again.

Scrolling through the items

drawerscrollThere are lots and lots of colors to choose from.  At the top of the drawer you'll find a nice set of commonly used colors, including the special random color.  Then further down you'll find sets of similar colors...
reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, browns, and greys.

All the colors of the rainbow and more besides!  Leave the mouse over the paint for a second and it will tell you what color it is...  Oh, so that's what mauve looks like.