Tool drawer

The tool drawer contains all of the tools you use with the Kea Coloring Book.

Paint bucket - fills an area

csrbucketThe paint bucket allows you too fill an area with color.  Select a color from the paint drawer or from the mixing pots.

Click with the bottom tip of the paint to fill in an area of the picture.  The color fills all the way to the edges, or if you've already done some painting then to the edge of the painted area.

If you've painted lots of colors into one area and want to go back to just one color you need to wash it first.

Eye-dropper - for mixing colors

csrdropperYou use the eye-dropper tool to suck up colors, and then squirt them into the mixing pots.

Colors can be sucked up from the paints in the paint drawer, from other mixing pots, or even from the picture itself.  Click once to suck up a little bit of color, twice for a little bit more, ... up to 5 times to fill the dropper with paint.

Just like with real paint, the more you add of one color the stronger the effect of that color will be.

Wash tool - cleans an area, or a mixing pot

csrwashTurn on the tap to wash an area of your colored picture clean.

You also use the top to wash away paint from a mixing pot.

Brushes - big and small

csrbrushThere are lots of different sized brushes to choose from in the tool drawer, from ultra-fine to mega-fat.  Select a color from the paint drawer or from the mixing pots.

You can get really creative with the brush, splashing on the color and adding details, to turn a simple black and white drawing into a truly unique work of art.

Opening / closing the drawer

btntoolsThe tool drawer can be closed by clicking it's button in the header.

When drawers are closed there is more space available for your coloring-in page.

To reopen the tool drawer just click its button again.

Scrolling through the items

drawerscrollSometimes you may not be able to see all the tools on the screen at once.  To see the other tools you can scroll up and down by pressing the scrolling buttons at the top and bottom of the drawer.