Kea Coloring Book for Android™

Kea Coloring Book (Android)

Our new Android edition of our classic coloring book provides all the fun of coloring, with an awesome touch-screen interface.

There are 12 fun coloring pages to get you started, with lots more to come.

Kea Coloring Book for Windows™

Kea Coloring Book (Windows)

Our classic Windows coloring book has a fresh new look. 15 fun coloring pages, and hundreds more available from the website.

Best of all, it's now entirely FREE. No need to register. Full access to the parent tools, and download all the coloring pages you want, or create your own!

Kea Coloring Book for Browsers

Kea Coloring Book (Flash) for Windows

Our Flash™ coloring book is very popular, with a variety of different coloring books to choose from, and runs directly inside your browser.

Kea Coloring Book for iOS™

Kea Coloring Book (iOS)

We've already started work on an iOS coloring book (for iPads, iPhones).

Check back soon for more details.